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Looking for the Quickest Way to Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Look no further.

VRI’s Lean Six Sigma Training Programs include Lean Six Sigma certification courses, including Yellow, Green, and Black Belt.

Lean Six Sigma certification requirements include successfully completing the required course, passing a comprehensive final exam upon course conclusion, and successfully completing Lean Six Sigma projects demonstrating the effective use and value of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

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Why should you get Lean Six Sigma certified?

There are many advantages to receiving your Lean Six Sigma Belt certifications. Here are just a few:

  • Improve leadership, risk assessment, and management skills
  • Acquire the tools to streamline business processes, reduce costs, and improve employee productivity and morale while increasing revenue
  • Increase your value to company leaders and decision-makers
  • Improve your chances of rising to more senior managerial positions within your organization
  • Enhance your overall career prospects, opportunities, and financial security

Interested in learning more about getting certified to boost your career prospects and add value to your organization?

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Yellow Belt Certification

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Green Belt Certification

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Black Belt Certification