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The Quickest Way to Attaining Lean Six Sigma Certification

The Lean Six Sigma Accelerator is VRI’s exclusive online-only training program. Taught by live instructors who are Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts and experts in their fields, students learn the same knowledge and skills they would otherwise receive in a conventional classroom setting but with the flexibility to attend from the remote location of their choice. With a focus on individualized units of study via a modern and engaging online platform, students can communicate with their instructors at any time during class.

Specifically designed for those seeking to become certified Lean Six Sigma experts but in much less time, our online-only program is particularly beneficial for those looking to acquire their certification while still maintaining work or family commitments. Other benefits of attending our online training platform include more flexibility, no commute, accelerated learning timeframe without compromising quality or content, easy access to expert instructors, and reduced overall costs.

Our Lean Six Sigma Accelerator program ranges from three to six months, depending on belt level; programs start at three months or less with our Green Belt Certification Accelerator program and six months or less with our Black Belt program. Enroll HERE and get started on your Lean Six Sigma certification journey today.

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The Lean Six Sigma Accelerator programs are offered for the following belt certifications:

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Yellow Belt Accelerator™

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Green Belt Accelerator™

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Black Belt Bridge Accelerator™

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Black Belt Accelerator™

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