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Expert Support for Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement

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Are you looking for a way to contain costs, reduce waste, and improve your company’s overall processes and performance?

As the world’s leading continuous improvement provider of process excellence solutions, VRI helps organizations of all sizes increase productivity, advance innovation, and globalize business operations and development. Using its world-class Lean Performance™ process, VRI combines Lean Six Sigma methodologies with critical thinking to streamline business processes and achieve operational excellence, boosting both performance and profitability in the process.

Our expert consultants and specialists come with years of experience and hail from a wide variety of industries and sectors, including Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mining, Supply Chain and Logistics, Environmental Science and Technology, and other service industries. Using a structured and proven approach and real-world expertise, our consultants will help you identify, measure, analyze, and optimize your organization’s processes to achieve fast, positive, and sustainable results.

With our Lean Performance methodology effectively applied to thousands of projects across the globe, VRI has quickly emerged as one of the most prominent and respected consulting firms in its field. Our Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement services include process and program assessments, project and program facilitation and execution, strategic planning, workshops, and training and certification.

No matter your organization’s size, niche, or point in its life cycle, VRI’s consultants will help you achieve a leaner business marked by less waste, more value, better performance, and do it quickly and efficiently.

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Process and Operational Excellence

With our competitive global economy advancing and changing faster than ever before, the challenges and untapped business opportunities our clients face today are as immense as they are multifaceted. Process excellence through agile continuous improvement and the implementation of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques is not only necessary to survive but also to thrive in this rapidly evolving business environment.

Simply put: Process and operational excellence create value through company-wide acceptance and implementation of systematic and repeatable actions, i.e., variance reduction. Our consultants and specialists work with our clients to identify and understand what motivates their customers’ behavior and then help to align these factors with the organization’s existing strategies.

Achieving process excellence involves a clear and consistent company vision, understanding an organization’s current state, and taking the necessary steps to realize those goals and objectives. Improved efficiencies and operational cost reduction are attained via a proven method that relies on well-documented work processes and operations procedures (SOPs) combined with a company-wide understanding of how to perform these processes to deliver results on time and on budget.

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VRI’s understanding of the continuous improvement process is as comprehensive as it is relevant to a variety of industries and sectors. Process and operational excellence must achieve meaningful and measurable objectives and outcomes for any business to succeed today.

Let our expert consultants help you establish new, value-added policies and procedures for process and operational excellence.

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Business Strategy for Process Excellence

Our Business Strategy Consulting and Training programs provide our clients with an integrated set of tools and actions that an organization can take to create a competitive advantage, greater operational performance, and an overall process excellence.

After considering an organization’s internal operating rhythm and leadership dynamics, we provide our clients with a varied and complex mix of both big and small decisions for an often rapidly evolving external business environment. In the process, we help our clients gain focus, clarity, and alignment to achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

We offer business leaders expert consulting services with forward-looking business strategies that help drive sustainable and competitive advantage, growth, and profitability. Likewise, we have the experience, developed expertise, tools, and insights to help our clients achieve their strategic and operational goals in today’s ever-evolving global economy.

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