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Major Capital Projects

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Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement in Major Capital Projects

Your Challenge

Some of the most significant issues facing major capital projects today are construction delays and cost overruns.

Delays in major capital projects are expensive and disruptive. The causes are often a combination of factors: poor planning, design errors, and logistical issues, such as inadequate timelines, poor communication between teams, and defective equipment, are just a few reasons. Even one of these issues can significantly impact a project’s schedule, budget, profitability, and overall success.

Major capital projects can also be unpredictable and dangerous, leading to onsite accidents, injuries, or worse for both workers and visitors. In addition to increasing worker’s compensation costs and worker disputes, ineffective safety management and Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance violations also contribute to construction delays and decreased profitability.

Our Solution

As a pioneering consulting, training, and certification firm with over 20 years of real-world experience, VRI has developed a highly unique approach that combines the traditional project management skillset with the more specialized supply chain and workforce deployment areas of expertise, ensuring major capital projects are not only delivered on time but also on budget.

Our highly trained VRI consultants, many with over 10 years of direct experience in the major capital construction sector, combine our knowledge of procurement with our years of experience in logistics management for better project controls and monitoring procedures and effective worker safety management. As a result, our clients avoid everything from construction delays and conflicts to onsite injuries and worker safety violations.

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