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Information Technology (IT)

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Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement in Information Technology (IT)

Your Challenge

In today’s always-connected world, IT departments have more responsibilities than ever before. With the seemingly endless emergence of new technologies, services, industries, and cyber threats, it is imperative to have a process in place that helps identify and resolve problems quickly and efficiently so an organization can focus on core business activities instead of technology issues.

Our Solution

Lean Six Sigma helps IT professionals maximize efficiencies while cutting costs associated with addressing technology issues and does it all without additional resources or time from IT departments.

It was in 1986 when Motorola engineer Bill Smith first set out to create a system to drive improvements and standardize defect measurement in manufacturing. And so began Motorola’s path to achieve Lean Six Sigma performance and optimization of its processes. Since then, countless companies and IT departments have turned to Lean Six Sigma principles to improve their business operations.

Easy to adopt and economical compared to other solutions, Lean Six Sigma principles can be quickly applied across organizations and departments, particularly IT departments. Navigating a multitude of challenges daily, IT professionals are increasingly relying on Lean Six Sigma principles to meet high-level objectives with quantifiable results and measurable improvement in processes.

How Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement Apply to IT Service Providers

Continuous process improvement is vital for growth and maintaining operational performance, whether in an IT department or company. Most IT companies use Lean Six Sigma methodologies in their fundamental procedures, such as product development and maintenance, and for good reason, as costs quickly escalate when bugs or mistakes infiltrate processes. Implementing a Lean Six Sigma management system helps eliminate errors, reducing the operational and financial risk of product development while increasing a company’s ability to meet customer expectations.

Quality customer support from IT professionals is imperative because productivity, and correspondingly, people’s jobs, are threatened when those IT services fail to meet expectations. Both IT professionals and their clients stand to benefit from Lean Six Sigma training as IT professionals learn how to effectively assess and enhance internal procedures and line-of-business processes, such as an online ordering or logistics management system. Consequently, IT professionals deliver overall service excellence so their clients can, in turn, fulfill the demands of their own customers.

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