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Waste No More™


Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement in Healthcare

Your Challenge

Healthcare costs continue to rise worldwide, with the overutilization of resources as the main culprit. In the United States alone, overutilization of healthcare resources is estimated to cost in the hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

What’s more, the savings potential from systematic, comprehensive, and cooperative waste reduction is far greater and more acceptable to an increasingly burdened and resentful public than harsh and always unpopular cuts to patient care and coverage.

Our Solution

With its proven Lean Performance™ solution, VRI helps healthcare providers reduce waste and inefficiencies. With over 20 years of practical experience in the healthcare sector, VRI consultants provide their hospital clients with accurate and actionable data on the primary drivers of cost growth to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while simultaneously reducing misdiagnoses, hospital liability, and overall costs.

VRI consultants use their unique expertise coupled with time-tested Lean Six Sigma methodologies to lower costs through real-time analysis of their operational performance across all departments, including supply chain management, revenue cycle management, clinical processes, inventory management, and purchasing operations.

By applying established Lean principles to a hospital, care facility, or healthcare organization, VRI delivers high business value by reducing unnecessary spending without sacrificing patient care or quality with a significant return on investment in one year or less. The economic impact of rising healthcare costs is real and growing for both providers and consumers. The time is now to tackle the overutilization of resources to bring those skyrocketing costs back down to Earth.

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