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Case Studies

Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement Industry Case Studies

Our Projects

VRI has helped countless organizations across the globe achieve their continuous process improvement goals and projects with its Lean Performance™ process and expert consulting, training, and certification services.

The case studies included here highlight only a few examples of our work with clients from various industries and sectors who came to us for guidance with their unique and often complex process improvement needs and challenges.

Our Purpose

VRI provides world-class consulting, training, and certification services with a client-centric approach to help organizations of different sizes and industries achieve their most critical business goals and objectives.

Whether it’s improving employee productivity and morale, reducing variance and waste, or increasing efficiencies and revenue, VRI has the expertise and experience to get your process improvement goals done with their highly-customized solutions and strategies using their hybrid model of Lean Six Sigma methodologies and critical thinking skills.

Our Clients

With a team of highly trained and experienced consultants and specialists from a wide range of fields and disciplines, our vast experience and unique expertise in implementing and facilitating continuous process improvement programs and projects span a range of industries, including Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Environment, Health and Safety, and other service industries. Moreover, VRI has provided invaluable assistance on numerous major capital projects worldwide.

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